How many time subject exams in mechanical engineering in diploma?

The Mechanical engineering, is plays very important trade in today's Technology that Assist you to do much things with ease, so let's learn about Concept exams in Diploma mechanical engineering that would helps to standardized our society.
How many time subject exams in mechanical engineering in diploma?
Diploma mechanical engineering exams

The diploma mechanical engineering, the candidate can take admission on the basis of 10th (SSC) board marks. 
Diploma mechanical engineering is having more intake than other branch.
The course duration of diploma mechanical engineering is three (3) years. 
In that three years having six (6) semesters.
Each year having two (2) semesters.
The duration of each semester is six (6) months approximately.

Question:- How many time subject exam in mechanical engineering in diploma?


The answer of the above question is as follows.
Based on the 3 year course duration, each year having two (2) semesters so total having six (6) semesters in 3 year course duration.

Each semester having six (6) months, and in that semester generally having five (5) subjects are their. 

So mathematically, 
Except oral and practical exam,

1st semester = 5 subjects Exams
2nd semester = 5 subjects Exams

1st year having 5+5 = 10 subjects exams.
2nd year having 5+5 = 10 subjects exams.
3rd year having 5+5 = 10 subjects Exams.

So, by adding first year second year and third year,

10+ 10 +10 = 30 subjects exams.

The course diploma mechanical engineering having 30 time subjects exams in the duration of three years.

If Suppose, 

A student fail in first semester one subject, not to worry he can give that subject exam also in 2nd semester along with 5 subjects. 
If suppose he failed in that second attempt. Not to worry, he will have one more attempt that is Golden attempt to pass the subject.

In that golden chance he must have pass that subject to qualify his Mechanical engineering diploma course.

To enter in 3rd year you have to clear 1st year all subjects, you cannot go in 3rd year without cleared 1st year subjects.

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