Advantages and disadvantages of bolted joints

The Mechanical engineering, is plays a crucial role in today's Technology that Assist you to do many things with ease, so let's learn about Concept of Advantages and disadvantages of bolted joint that helps to modernize our society.

So keeping these things in mind, Lets learn about the topic of Advantages and disadvantages of bolted joint.

Advantages and disadvantages of bolted joints
Bolted joints

What is bolted joint?

The Joint that can easily assemble and disassemble or engagement and disengagement of a joint is easy that called bolted joint.
The bolted joint is a non permanent joint.
When a bolt is subjected to sudden shock loading the resilience of the bolt is considering to prevent the breakage from the thread of the bolts.

Advantages and disadvantages of bolted joints:-

1. Advantages of bolted joints:-

Advantages and disadvantages of bolted joints
Advantages of bolted joints

1. Simple design

The bolted joint having simple design, which helps to identify the joints are easy than welded joint or riveted joint.

2. Easy operation

The bolted joint is a simple joint so that the operation of the bolted joint is easy
Only two parts that is nut and bolt are required for connection of the bolted joint.

3. High strength joint

The strength of the bolt joint is higher than riveted joint. Bolted joint required less number of bolts for the same strength are getting from riveted joint.

4. Low cost

The cost of bolted joint is less compared to riveted joint and also it required less number of equipments so that, the cost of equipments is decrease. 

5. Low noise

The operation of bolted joint is less noisy. At the time of tightening the bolt and nut operation is silent and compared to a riveted joint.

6. Less skilled or semi skilled labour required

Due to simple in operation of bolted joint To perform the operation less skilled or semi skilled workers are required so that the cost of skilled worker is decreased.

7. Less man power required

Due to easy operation the manpower required for connection of bolted joint is a less compared to a riveted joint or welded joint.

8. Availability

The part of bolted joint are easily available compared to riveted or welded joint.

9. Non permanent joint

Bolted joint considered as a non permanent joint because of non permanent joint it can easily assemble and disassemble. 

10. Less time required

To perform the operation of bolted joint the time required for it is very less compared to riveted joint of welded joint and riveted joint.

11. No risk

Bolted joint is considered as a cold process type joint. so that there is no risk of any type of heating during operation of a joint.

12. Replacement is easy

In a bolted joint, the bolt is easily removed or replaced at the time of failure of joint. 

13. No effect of failure

If the bolted joint is failed at a point that does not affect whole connection like riveted joint and welded joint.

2. Disadvantages of bolted joint

Advantages and disadvantages of bolted joints
Disadvantages of bolted joints

1. Accuracy of joint

The accuracy of bolted joint is totally depend upon the tightening of the joint.
Also depend on the friction between nut and bolt.

2. Less axial tensile strength

The bolted joint having less axial tensile strength. If the high axial load applied on our place then the  chance failure of the bolted joint is more.

3. Effect of vibration

The bolted joint having high effect of vibration. Under the vibrational load the strength of the joint is decreases.

4. Unfinished bolt

If the bolt is unfinished the strength of the bolt is decreases while the use.

5. More weight

When the two plates joined by the bolted joint having high weight compared to joining riveted joint.

6. Proper lubrication required

In a bolted joint over a period of time proper lubrication required for smoothening operation.

7. Corrosion

For well wealth of the bolted joint proper protection required against the corrosion. 

8. More space required

The area required for bolted joint connection is more compared to riveted joint. So the space of occupancy is more for bolted joint.

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