Properties of copper material

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Properties of copper material
Properties of copper material

Properties of copper:-

The copper material is one of the most oldest metals used by the humans. The main reasons behind this are because it's having useful structural and metallurgical properties.

Properties for copper is as follows:-

The copper is most commonly used metal in now a days because of it's properties.
Copper is most versatile metal among the all metals, so the use of copper material is more in many applications.

Properties of copper:-

What are the properties of copper metals?

The most important property of copper metal is as follows:-

1. High ductility

Copper material are having low brittleness material that's why ductility of copper material is very high.
Due to high ductility is can easily suitable for wire drawing, spinning and deep drawing etc.
The ductility of copper metals is making it ideal for manufacturing the wires and cables.

2. High malleability

The copper material having high malleability property, it can easily form into sheets due to this property the copper material is used in sheet metal operation.

3. Excellent Electrical conductivity

The Pure copper having high electrical conductivity that's making it the 2nd most electrically conductive metal among all metals.
The copper is most abundant metal, the copper material is not expensive like others and so it is  quickly used for transmitting the electricity through the wires.
The Electrical motors, mostly used copper coils, as the increasing the conductivity and to improves the efficiency of the motor comparing to all other metals. 

4. High thermal conductivity

The Copper metals is known for their good thermal conductivity properties, the typical thermal conductivity of pure copper metal is more along with silver.
That shows the passing of heat is very quickly through the metal. This is because of the close lattice structure of the copper atoms. 

5. High machinability properties

The Copper metals is having both malleable and ductile, due to this it can be easily machined and stretched into a any form of structures. 

6. High corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of copper is very high so that it is a major factor in making it a popular choice for domestic plumbing applications for both water and gas pipes.

The copper material has been  proven to be a useful metal for outdoor and marine structures and seafaring. 

It is very good to standing up to the corrosive effects in the seawater. To create the extremely high corrosion resistance properties of copper-nickel alloys is used.

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7. High Strongness and durability

The copper is very strong material and also having good life, so that's why for the general applications the normally copper are used.

The corrosion resistance of copper getting from the adherent films on it's material surface. That films are the impervious to corrosion therefore protecting it is protective the base metal from corrosive attacks. Due to that the durability of copper metals is increasing.

8. High Melting Point

The melting point of pure copper material is very high with the all materials.
Generally, The melting point for pure Copper is around 1083ÂșC.

9.  Excellent impact strength

The copper material is having high ductile material that's the reason the copper material is absorbing strain energy and also the impact strength of copper material is very high.

10. Good Joining property

The Commonly joining processes such as brazing, welding and the soldering that can be used to join mostly copper alloys. The Soldering is oftenly used for the electrical equipment's. That are High Lead contening alloys are unsuitable for the welding.
Copper and copper alloys can also be joined using mechanical engineering applications means such as rivets and the screws.

11. High Yield Strength

The copper material having high yield strength. The copper materials Most commonly yield strength is around the 0.5% extension yield strength of annealed material.
The approximately yield strength is recorded for copper material is one-third of its tensile strength.

12. Good biofouling resistance

The copper material having good biofouling resistance among the all materials.
The alloy of copper-nickel after 12 months of the exposure it is possible to Biofouling that means the adhesion of slime algae to the metals and also the sea mosses with the sea anemones on surfaces of marine structures that are made from copper nickel alloys so, that gives a negative effect on the performance of systems.

13. High Retention properties at cryogenic temperatures

The copper and copper alloys having high retention properties of electrical and mechanical at the cryogenic temperature.
Due to this property in copper and copper alloy are used application of cryogenic engines and systems.

14. Non-magnetic property

The materials which are not attracted by the magnet are known as non- magnetic materials. The copper are also having non-magnetic property that means it is not attached to the magnet.

Here we concluding, If you have any queries about the Properties of copper material then feel free to comment below.

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